Welcome to Spore Community Hub! This is the home of various projects for preserving the Spore community well into the future.

This includes keeping various Spore communities connected, preserving Spore’s history and Sporepedia, and ensuring that Spore’s online features continue to work indefinitely.

Created and maintained by Kyle N, moderator of the Sporum (official Spore forums), from 2011, to its shutdown in 2018.

Contact Kyle by email (spore(a)kylenanakdewa.com) or join our Discord server.

Not associated with or endorsed by EA or Maxis.

Our projects

Sporum Archive

Kyle has put together an archive of the Sporum at http://forum.spore.kylenanakdewa.com/jforum/forums/list.html

This is a fully-browsable copy of nearly the entire Sporum. Additionally, it supports existing Sporum URLs - just change forum.spore.com to forum.spore.kylenanakdewa.com, and it will take you to the archived copy.

Sporepedia Archive + Replacement Spore Server

We are developing software to accomplish the following:

This is a large project, with many parts. So far, we have fully decoded the format used to store creations in PNG files, which allows us to extract data (such as name, author, description, tags), with nothing more than a creation PNG file. We also have a tool to quickly download large numbers of creations, for backups. You can find these on our GitHub.

Documenting everything for Spore

We would like to create a comphehensive collection of everything related to Spore. This includes archiving content, creating guides and tutorials for both gameplay and troubleshooting, and creating technical documentation of Spore’s inner workings.

Kyle has some content already, and it will eventually be documented and added to this website. If you have anything to add, contact us on Discord!